Thursday, July 17, 2008

The New Day

Fred graduated from Wake Forest and joined a Rock Band. His graduation present was a new van to transport his musical instruments. The group played a lot for the ASU students and he wanted a place to live. We found a cottage in Blowing Rock with a pond behind it. He was excited about his new home and wrote some children's songs called "Down By The Lake". He depicted the wildlife - Bull Frog, Bumble Bee, Butterfly, Humming Bird, and Snake in songs. I persuaded him to mkae the Butterfly a "she". After two years I inherited the cottage and the payments. The group moved to Atlanta where they had good opportunities to perform.Ellen and I went to his graduation and enjoyed using the cottage. I had both a spring and fall vacation from teaching and ,of course, the summers. I got into mountain hiking with some friends. Tom Leach in the English department liked to hike. He was my frequent companion. I also took a number of students. Ellen's depression was temporarily removed and I went back to work teaching. The three of us in the psychology department got along beautifully. We moved into the new Education Building with plenty of space. We occupied the top floor. I exercised daily in the swimming pool in the Physical Education building. During this time I met Tom Leach in the English department who hiked with me. My Psychology of Stress course was very popular. There were many discussions and many questions. Part of the course was the practicing of the stress reduction principles - regular exercise, diet with plenty of vitamin C and vitamin B complex. In my other courses I had to change my method of teaching. I had used educational movies to put some change in my lectures. The movies were old and the students raised objections to watching them even though the psycholgy principles were still there. I had to go back to more lectures with questions and discussions. Most of my tests were multiple choice but the grades were curved.