Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bon Air

Class where we performed before the class reading poems and essays. She used us as a means of teaching. She took a liking to me and praised me often. My other classes were continuing the second year in science, math, history, and Literature.
At the beginning of the second semester we moved to Bon Air in Chesterfield county. To increase our income Mitch made three apartments for renting - one downstairs, and two upstairs. A young couple with a small child rented one of the upstairs apartments - Tony and Phoebe Thierman. The downstairs apartment was rented by a retired schoolteacher who had difficulty walking. She made hot rolls every Saturday and gave them to her friends. I can remember the taste of these hot rolls till this day. One of the consequences of living in Bon Air in Chesterfield County would be another change in high schools. Since it was only a matter of three months Mitch urged me to ride a bicycle into Richmond to the bus line and continue at John Marshall . I t was an eight mile ride. Of course, there were some rainy days but I was prepared to cover my books and myself. Since it was March, April, and May the cold was not a problem.
When I graduated Mitch got me a job as an Office Boy at State Planters Bank. In order to get to work I had to ride with my next door neighber. At the same time Mitch began teaching me how to drive. I got my Driver’s liscence and Mitch bought me a car - a Model A Ford with a rumble seat in the back. I remember it ran well without any mechanical problems. The speed of course was very limited. As Office Boy at Christmas all of the officers we worked for put a $5 bill in our hand. There were three of us. Also I got a lot of driving experience using the bank car for errands. After six months I was promoted to Mail Clerk to assort, stamp, and take the mail to the Post Office. My time schedule changed. I arrived at 10:30 and left after the mail was completed about 6 PM. In the mornings I was classified as a Runner. I ran errands in the downtown area when needed. There was another person on this late schedule who became a very influential friend - Sam McCammon. He had the important job of running on the IBM the clearing house checks which did not arrive until the other banks closed and sent their checks drawn on us. Sam and I visited each other when we took breaks from our work. I learned that Sam was doing the late job because he was enrolled at the University of Richmond for morning classes.