Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I received a pass to Nice France. I remember till this day - the ocean and the sunsets. I rented a bicycle and rode the entire length of the Riviera all the way to the Italian border.
After the war our unit was in the army of occupation. An opportunity opened up for me to study French for three months at Dijon University. I had a special teen age tutor named Jessie Laderick. She did not know much English but her older brother who was in school there did. We were a threesome most of the time. Jessie played the piano and I was able to sing with her in her home. We played tennis together and went to several movies together. I will always remember when we went swimming together in a nearby creek. The French put on their bathing suits behind a towel. They laughed at me when I went behind a tree. I wrote Jessie several times -half French and hafl English. She wrote me but I had to translate. I sent her several Care packages after the war.
My second post-war opportunity was a three month study at Glasgow University in Scotland. I took Scotish History and Philosophy. I had an army friend and we stayed at a Boarding House where we met a Medical student. There were many discussions but my primary joy was touring the countryside by Bike and hiking. Scottish heather was in bloom on Ben Lomend with Loch Lomend below and am reliving it now.
After Glasgow I went home for discharge. My first blow was Marguerite’s telling me that I was not the one but to soften the impact I met a nice of Miss Harder who had a appartment in my mother’s house. My relationship with Wilma was short and sweet. Her visit with Miss Harder was for one month. We were often alone in the apartment and did everything but enter. Wilma was experienced and taught me all the various techniques of hugging and kissing.