Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kirkwood and Parsons

I remember well our happy experiences with the people at Kirkwood, the visits from the Parks and Carlene our Babysitter. I remember the Scout Troop, the active Senior High and Pioneer Group. My problem at Kirkwood was the Janitor and trying to get a Nursury started. You were very busy and happy watching Mary Ann, but Oh that Easy Washer and hanging out diapers. I got into trouble with my officers (Henry Pitts) when I tried to work for the Seminery campaign. I sent my distress signal to Dr. Appleby and we moved to Parsons.Our years in Parsons were some of he happiest in our 50 years. I had a good Congregation, a good Choir, an active Senior High group with good adult advisors, a good Pioneer group. I had a very enjoyable camp opportunity each summer. Our son was born and we watched the children grow in their cutest days and words. I remember your hard work with the Easy Washer and drying diapers in our vacant room. We had friends and good relationships all around us. You had regular help and good babysitters. I began graduate study with Charlie Moore in the sermonary in wittsburg according to Mary Ann. I remember how you went with me to my graduation. We spent the night in a room in the dormitory. I still had my stomach flare-ups and went to Phillippi hospital for a thorough check-up. I learned about stress and what it could do to your bodily processes. I was urged to engage in regular exercise and advised to seek a less stressful occupation. The following summer at Camp New Hope was a memorable experience for both of us. I swam every day, the children had playmates among the counselors and you had relief from some of your responsibilites The next year we moved to Richmond where I could begin study for the teaching field. You had a teaching position to support us. We were introduced to TV. This turned out to be one of the most stressful of our 50 years. Mary Ann started to school and brought home illness after illness which Fred contracted along with her. In my college courses I had one professor who made life difficult.In the spring your health broke down and you could not continue teaching. There would be no more monthly checks. Our only income was from my supply preaching as East Hanover presbytery was good to me. Annie came to our rescue,however. She told me at this time about some land Papa had set aside for his two girls. My only relief was swimming at the YMCA.