Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was completing my courses at the University of Richmond for a degree in psychology so our time together was somewhat limited. I proposed to Wilma and bought her an engagement ring. I drove to Connecticut to visit he. We were not going to get married until I started to the Seminary. It would have been a long engagement for planned to wait a year where we could visit each other during the vacations while I was teaching in Clifton Forge Virginia. I was given five different couses to teach and found myself overwhelmed. My only positive experience was singing in a community choir. To add to my distress Wilma broke off the engagement. She did not give any reason but I felt that she did not want to marry a minister as she knew that was the direction I was going.She only had a high school education, so I decided it was best. She had taught me some love making techniques which I put to use later.
I resigned my teaching position in Clifton Forge and returned home to wait to go to Seminary. A teaching position opened up at St. Christopher’s in Richmond. I answered the ad and took the position. I had to live on campus in the boys dormitory with another older more experienced teacher to control the dorm behavior. Here I taught only Geography to 4th and 5th graders. The course was simple but many of these boys in a private school had behavior problems. They broke me in early and I could see why my predicessor had resigned. One day several students came up to my desk to block my view while they asked questions while others tossed books over their heads to assualt me. I was enraged but withheld negative comment. I gave the entire class demerits which they had to work off on Saturday. I devised a little game with geography questions and answers. There were two sides competing against each other as the game continued for a week.