Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Dog

During my Elementary school years my cousin from Birmingham came for a visit as they did often and brought me a dog. He was a black and white Cocker spaniel. I named him Bob for his bobbed tail and for a friend of mine in the playgroup. I enjoyed playing with him as he was free to go with me everywhere except to school. Somehow he sensed the time I was walking home from school. He would come running everyday when I was about full block away. Of course he was greeted with some petting and accompanied me home.
Also during these years I acquired some chores which had to be done. I had to bring in a bucket full of coal and a bundle of wood during the winter months. We did not have central heating but had a small fireplace in every room. I took care of my parent's room but my brothers took care of their own. We did not have to have fires often but I enjoyed tending the fire sitting around keeping warm. My bed was in a screened in porch off the bedroom. I can remember how we warmed a blanket to wrap around me as I went out on the cold porch to go to bed.
Another chore I acquired was looking after the chickens. They had to be fed and watered everyday. I enjoyed gathering the eggs. In the spring we would let at least one hen set on some eggs to hatch some biddies. This was real excitement for me. When the hen left the nest to eat I remember how the rooster chased her. She did not want any dealings with him but he finally caught up with her and mounted. He caught her behind the neck and held on to her while he did his thing. I noticed that he treated her different from the other hens. With the others he only did it one time. With her he did it three or four times like he was mad with her. This was a learning experience for me about mating. One of my fearful experiences about the chickens was how the cook killed them for eating. She would take the chicken by the neck and ring it around and round until it came off. I was horrified and for many years would not eat chicken. The cook soon learned to get the chicken when I was not there. She knew how I felt and I was her pet.