Tuesday, June 24, 2008

College Classes

classes. This gave me an idea try t o do to make the same arrangement for myself. . Due to Sam’s example I embarked on a venture to get a college education.. My high school grades were so good I received a full scholarship. The bank was delighted to have me as a part time worker at the mail desk. I had some interest in majoring in Chemistry since there was a Du Pont factory in our area. Both Sam and I arranged our classes on Monday Wednesday Friday. I took Chemistry, Economics, and English the first semester. Dr. Ryland was my Chemistry teacher and my faculty advisor. I remember quite well how he sat us alphabetically so he would know our names. He never lectured. He simply asked questions from the textbook lesson. He went right down the row trying to get an answer. This really encouraged reading the text and we caught on pretty fast. Sam rode the bus from South Richmond to the University. From Bon Air I had a very short ride in my Ford to the college. After the morning classes Sam and I rode in the Ford to the bank for work. We arrived around noon and ate our lunch together in a room provided for that purpose
Sam ran the clearing house checks which came in after the other banks closed around 2 PM. I was the mail clerk to assort, run the mail through the stamping machine and take it to the post office.. We normally finished together and I drove him home. On the first of the month and the day after a holiday the volume of checks was so great that Sam stayed on later. Sam and I became good friends because we were together so much of the time.
One of the advantages of working at a bank was a paid two week vacation even for part time workers. We both agreed to take our vacations during the Christmas holidays so as not to miss any classes at college. Sam had some relatives in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We were going to use my Model A Ford for the trip. I was impressed with its durability and I had had no mechanical problems with it. It went all the way to Florida and back without a single problem.. We enjoyed visiting his relatives and going out to the beach in the warm sunshine.
When I returned home my social life was improving. We went to the Presbyterian church next door to our house and I joined the youth group which met at night in homes. I got to know several girls - Sarah Entsminger, Billy Ferugson, and Elizabeth Chewning. This latter one was my chief interest because she had a tennis court in her back yard. Mitch and I played tennis with her often. I had tried to